Know your animal. Each project needs to be treated accordingly. Business cards. Posters. Presentation folders. Product catalogs. Custom trade show displays & banners. Promo items. Vehicle vinyl & signage. Winter Studios can print on just about anything. We work hand in hand with some of the most experienced and reputable printers in Edmonton and we are proud of that! We love #YEG!


Custom tailored. 100% original. Good things take time, but great things take more time: we want to create something unique and special to you. From pencil or ink, to photoshop and vector imagery, we have you covered. There are so many ways to illustrate these days, let us help you decide the strongest medium for your illustrations and blow your mind with the amazing detail and precision!


Your logo is just the beginning. We identify and target your specific audience and demographic to ensure we use the proper graphics, fonts, colours & icons for your market. We then expand on these decisions to complete your branding package so you can have a professionally uniform statement across all mediums. Your branding package will be the foundation for all your print, web & social media designs. Setting a powerful visual standard for all of your marketing & advertising needs is what Winter Studios strives to do every time.


Our process starts by exploring as many initial ideas as we can at first, then refining the most powerful concepts down by combining various graphics, fonts, colours & icons. Once we have a design that speaks to us we narrow it down to 2-3 final versions and then leave the tough part to you: choosing the final design!  In this collaborative way we can guarantee the end result is always one heck of a logo for your business.